3 Handmade Pottery Products For A Wine Enthusiast

9 August 2022
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If you enjoy drinking wine, it can be fun to shop for different products to use during this pastime. This can especially be true if you frequently invite friends over to your home to sip wine with you. There are all sorts of places where you can shop for wine-related products, including at a pottery studio in your area. Many people who create handmade pottery products create all sorts of things that relate to wine. You can browse the products that they have available, and perhaps even talk to them about producing a custom piece for you. Here are three handmade functional pottery products for a wine enthusiast.

Wine Goblets

There are all sorts of vessels that you can use to drink wine. While it's common to use glasses, it can be nice to occasionally offer another drinking vessel for your guests. When you visit a local pottery studio, you'll often see a selection of wine goblets for sale. These pieces can vary considerably in design, and you'll usually be able to buy them individually or in sets. The nice thing about the handmade nature of the goblets is that even if you buy a set of four, for example, they'll differ slightly in appearance — giving them a unique and appealing style.

Wine Jug

A lot of people enjoy serving their wine directly from the bottle, but there are alternatives that you can consider. If you enjoy the look of pottery products, you might wish to buy a wine jug. You'll find some wine jugs that match the available wine goblets for sale, which can create a stylish look at your table or at your home bar. Pottery wine jugs are available in many different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of wine bottles on the market. Think about how many guests you typically entertain, and then shop for the ideal jug size.

Wine Bottle Cooler

If you'd rather serve the wine out of its bottle instead of transferring it to a jug, there's another handmade pottery product that you might wish to buy. Many potters sell wine bottle coolers, which are receptacles that are designed to hold a bottle of wine. Pottery has an insulative quality, which will help to keep the wine cool even when it's sitting at room temperature. When you buy a bottle cooler that matches or complements your pottery wine goblets, it can be a stylish product to use when you have guests.