How Luts Can Even Help A Beginner Produce Professional-Quality Video

28 March 2018
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When you don't like the effects that you are producing by using raw footage, you will probably need to use color grading and correction tools in post-production to modify the appearance of your video. Color grading refers to the altering and enhancing of the color of a video. Digital color grading is referred to as color correction and photochemical color grading is called color timing.

Why Color Correction is the Only Color Grading You Need

Given that photochemical color grading is almost completely dead, the most common form of color grading is color correction. If you are just getting started with color correction, you should learn about color grading Lookup Tables (LUTs).

How LUTs Work

The LUT modifies an original image in a film based on a mathematical formula. Downloading and applying free LUTs can help improve the quality of your video immediately. However, a LUT is not a silver bullet when trying to perfect your video color. You will want to understand the purpose you are trying to achieve to use the right LUT.

LUT Generation

You will also want to use a LUT that fits with your camera to produce optimum results. Fortunately, there are LUT generation websites that will allow you to set specific details, such as the camera you used, to produce the right LUT.

True Color Cameras

When you are using a camera that captures true color, you might find that the original result that is produced by your camera looks worse than you expected. However, you are supposed to correct that image using LUTs. Your software will allow you to insert a LUT. Then, you can adjust the settings to produce the exact results you want to see.

The Right LUT for Your Project

If you love the look that super hero movies often have, you can use a super hero themed LUT. If you want to produce a movie that looks like it was filmed in the 60s, 70s or 80s, there are LUTs available for that.

The best way to determine exactly which type of LUT is what you are looking for is to look at the samples to see the effects that your LUT can achieve. Many LUTs are created based on movies they are trying to emulate so that you can achieve the exact effect, whether you want your movie to look like Hannible or want it to look like Blade Runner. Since many are free, there is no reason not to try them out right now.

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