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Commissioned Portrait Sculptures Of Children: FAQs

The adorable way your child's forehead wrinkles when they are curious, the way that dimple shows up in one cheek when they smile, or the way their eyes look when they are sleepy—these are all precious things that parents want to remember always. Having pictures is great, but there are few better ways to commemorate your child when they are young than by paying for a commissioned portrait sculpture. This one piece of art will be a prized family heirloom for many years to come. Take a look at some of the questions most parents have about this artistic service. 

What kind of photographs will you have to supply?

The artist will let you know what kind of photographs they need to complete your sculpture. Most parents opt for an upper-body or bust-style sculpture that only portrays the child's head and shoulders. You may be asked to supply a picture that offers a clearly defined profile or side view of your child. You may also be asked to offer pictures from certain angles, such as a photo from above your child's head looking down. If there is a certain expression you would like captured, it is best to capture that expression in a photo to send to the artist. 

Will an in-person visit be necessary?

Some sculpture artists do prefer to have an in-person visit with your child. During this in-person visit, the artist will likely snap several photographs of your child, and they may take a few measurements of their face just to be sure the end sculpture captures the exact shape of your child's face. For example, they may measure the width of the child's forehead or the distance between their eyes. If the artist does not require an in-person visit, they will use photographs only to garner measurements and do the sculpture. 

How long will it take the artist to complete the sculpture?

If you are commissioning a portrait sculpture as a gift, it is really important that you get the order in as early as you can and get the requested images to the artist in a timely manner. These intricate pieces of art can take some time to do; they are often worked on in multiple settings over the course of time instead of completed all at one time. Your sculpture will be much more precise and admirable if you give the artist ample time to do their work. 

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The adorable way your child's forehead wrinkles when they are curious, the way that dimple shows up in one cheek wh…

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