3 Ways To Integrate American Indian Collectibles Into Christmas Villages

25 November 2020
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In the early 20th Century, Native Americans began adapting Christian traditions including holidays like Christmas. You can celebrate the heritage and history of Native Americans by integrating collectible figures into a Christmas village design. Learn three ways to integrate American Indian collectible figurines into a Christmas village to create a unique look to the village design.

1. Native American Reservations

Small artificial trees are a big part of Christmas village designs and you can use those trees to make a natural-looking Native American reservation. For example, you can set up a circle of trees to surround an open space in the center. Place the figurines in the center of the circle to create the reservation area. 

You can also add a decorated Christmas tree in the center of the reservation to represent their Christmas celebration. You can mix in other accessories like a rustic sled or pet designs like a Christmas village dog figurine. When you mix and match designs, match up the sizes of the figures so everything looks uniform.

2. Christmas Accessories

As you set up Native American decorations for the holidays, you can add a few extra details to go with the designs. For example, you can wrap the bases of collectibles with stringed lights to add a festive touch. You could also cut out a small Santa hat using red felt and attach it to the top of a figurine's head. 

Once you have a whole collection, you can set them all up as their own Christmas village set of characters. Each collectible can feature different accessories to make the collection stand out. After the holiday season, you can save the accessories in a small bag and use them again the next year. 

3. Nutcracker Decorations

When your Christmas village is all set up, you can add nutcracker decorations to represent large statues set up through the village. When you shop for nutcrackers, you can find a lot of different Native American designs including headdresses and Native American gear.

You can find different nutcracker sizes to set up around the village. For example, if you want a large centerpiece in the middle of a town, you can purchase a large-scale Native American nutcracker decoration.

You can place smaller nutcrackers on street corners of the village. In a wooded area, you can create a whole tribe of unique Native American nutcrackers and statues. Each year you can purchase new nutcracker designs to add to the village.