3 Types Of Reproduction Art Prints You Can Order

15 December 2022
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When you want to display authentic pieces of art in your home, you will most likely have the option to purchase duplicates of the real art rather than the original. When you seek out landscape art prints to display, you will often come across many different forms of reproduction. Learn some of the reproduction art prints you can order and the differences between the styles.

Once you know the reproduction methods, you can choose the best option for landscape art pieces you want to have framed and displayed.

1. Hand-Painted Reproductions

If you want to see the texture of paints on the canvas and a little more depth in the creations, then consider hand-painted reproductions of landscape art prints. Through the process, an artist will meticulously recreate a painting on a specific canvas size.

The painting will include the same materials used to create the original painting and the painting will come displayed on the same canvas. A hand-painted reproduction is one of the easiest ways to get close to the real painting without the need to pay full price for the painting.

As you shop for hand-painted reproductions of landscape art, you could see completed projects and inquire about a custom design you want for your own house. The custom design could take several weeks to complete but will become a unique and original display piece for your home.

2. Giclee Reproductions

Printed reproductions have become common in the art world, especially as printer technology improves. For the highest quality reproduction, look for the product labeled as a giclee reproduction. The giclee process uses special printers with the highest quality ink. The photographic reproduction will replicate colors exactly as intended so the print looks authentic.

With giclee prints, you have a number of options for the size and can customize the size as you see fit.

3. Machine Prints

For lower-priced art prints, consider machine prints. Machine prints still offer high-quality designs and are ideal for smaller picture frames. If you create a custom art gallery or design, then you could feature some of the smaller machine print landscape designs. When framed, the prints showcase high quality and elegance.

If you want to order multiple prints, then consider machine prints for creating a large collection. For example, you may seek out multiple landscape pictures of a beach. Order machine prints and display all the images together on a single wall or within a single room.

Browse online galleries to see all of your options and plan out landscape prints for your home. For more information on landscape art prints, contact a professional near you.