How Are Realistic Sculptures Created?

16 October 2019
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Are you amazed by the overall appearance of realistic sculptures? These sculptures will make you feel like you are standing next to a living, breathing person or animal. The beauty of these sculptures captivates such a large audience. People are willing to travel thousands of miles to view and stand next to realistic sculptures designed by experienced and professional artists. If you were wondering how these artists create such stunning pieces, check out the information below.

Focusing on Fine Details and Imperfections

When an artist begins working on a realistic sculpture, they will often pay close attention to the fine details and imperfections that someone or something has, such as laugh lines, wrinkles by the eyes, dark spots, or scars. By focusing primarily on the fine details and any imperfections first, the artist can work on sculpting something that truly looks real. After all, no one looks airbrushed in real life.

Adding Texture to the Modeling Clay

While working with modeling clay to create a sculpture, an artist will use assorted tools to add some texture to the skin. Without adding texture to the skin, the sculpture would fall flat and would not look nearly as realistic as it could. Some of the tools used by artists include feather wire texture tools and texture combs. The specific tools that an artist will use would depend on where they need to add texture, such as the lips, cheeks, or even the forehead.

Applying the Silicone Casting and Covering the Sculpture with Paint

Once the artist has molded the sculpture out of clay and added texture to it, the clay gets covered in a silicone casting. The casting makes the sculpture look more realistic. After the casting dries, it is time for the artist to paint the sculpture. The artist would use assorted color combinations to match the skin tone of the person, along with any makeup they might wear, such as blush. When the artist wants to emulate a specific person, they must be as meticulous as possible while painting the sculpture.

Realistic sculptures are amazing because they look identical to certain people, animals, and other objects. Artists work hard to create these sculptures by following several steps, which would include using molding clay to create the sculpture, adding texture with various tools, covering the sculpture in a silicone casting, and then painting the finished piece before showing it to everyone. The next time you see one of these sculptures, you can think of all the hard work that went into creating it.

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